The Perfect Denim Shorts

What s-c-r-e-a-m-s summer other than the best pair of denim shorts?! I have never been a fan of shorts - ever since I can remember I literally would avoid wearing them at all cost. Anyone else feel this way?! I hated the short shorts, riding up the booty and just plain discomfort all around. However, this year I decided enough is enough! I needed to embrace wearing denim shorts and thus it began: the search for the perfect summer short.

I had very specific criteria when searching for the perfect short:
- not short** - extremely important
- affordable
- comfortable
- comes in multiple washes
- from a brand I love and want to share

And then voilà! I found the PERFECT pair of shorts. They were mid-length, comfy, on sale (often), come in multiple washes including white and black and ones I actually felt comfortable in.

I ended up getting these in two washes and plan to get more. I cannot recommend them enough!!

I hope this helped you in your search for the perfect pair of denim shorts. If you end up purchasing them, let me know which wash and how you like them in the comments below!