4 Things My Mother Taught Me

In honor of Mothers Day and the most amazing mama ever, I am sharing 4 things she taught me that I truly hope I pass down to Ella. Motherhood is such a special, sacred journey. It is one filled with so many paradoxes as well: beautiful and ugly, easy and challenging, joyful and sorrowful. All of it necessary, all of it is just part of the journey. I am so grateful to be a mama to my sweet baby girl. She is my entire world and I couldn’t imagine life any other way. To all the mamas out there, you’re AMAZING and SO LOVED.

So, here we go…4 things my mama taught me that I hope to pass on to Ella…

1. Unconditional Love

My mom is the most incredibly loving, giving, kind, compassionate person I know. Sure, we all have our moments, but this woman will give up anything for the wellbeing and happiness of her girls. My sister and I are so lucky! I hope that Ella will feel the same unconditional love my mama has for me.


2. #1 Cheerleader

Whether it was taking me to cheer tryouts, rooting me on for the volleyball team (I didn’t make the tryouts), from soccer to gymnastics to having multiple jobs and passions, my mom has always been my number 1 supporter and has always made me feel like I could do anything as long as I set my mind to it. I hope to pass this to Ella, for her to know that no matter what, I’ll always be her number 1 cheerleader.


3. Family is Everything

I feel so fortunate that my parents are still together, that my sister and I are so close, that my mom is truly my best friend. I feel so grateful that our family is so close and genuinely enjoys being together. I hope to keep this tight knit feeling into Ella’s life so that she too knows the importance of family and treasures it like I do.


4. The Love of Travel

Ever since I was little, my mom planned family trips and we were always going somewhere new and exotic. From Mexico to Hawaii, the Bahamas to a full 5 week European vacation…we saw and experience a lot together. Traveling creates a special kind of memory, one that cannot be tainted, recreated or undone. I have some of the most wonderful memories from all my travels and I cannot wait to instill the same “travel bug” with my little bug and show her the world!


To all the mamas out there, keep shining and loving on your little one!

To my mama, THANK YOU for showing me unconditional love, being my number one supporter always, showing me family is everything and opening my eyes to the world.

What is one thing your mama taught you that you hope to pass to your little one(s)? Share with me in the comments below!


All Photography by: Denise Apgar Photography